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Daniel Salaverría was born in Buenos Aires in 1958.

Since 1990 he has carried out a detailed study of the architecture of the City of Buenos Aires, reproducing their most curious buildings in drawings and watercolors.

Using the same technique, the history of the sailing until the XX Century has been represented with an important collection of works.

He has illustrated stamps for the Argentinean Post Office in occasion of the International Exhibition Espamer '98.

Numerous private collections and museums of Argentina, Italy, United States, Japan, Poland and Turkey possess his works.

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A must, for boats lovers

Training Ships     
  Americo Vespuccio    
  Capitán Miranda    
  Frederich Chopin    
  Sebastián El Cano    
  Dutch Galleass      
Greek Trireme    
  Roman Trireme    
  Roman Merchant    
  Turkish Galley    
Old Warships    
  Golden Hind    
  La Couronne    
  Santisima Madre    
  Sovereign of the Seas    
  Awaiting Departure    
  Farewell to a Friend    
  Gleam in Blue    
  Port of Grains    
  Sunset by the Shore    
  Unloading at the Docks